Introduction to The Mindful Creative Podcast

The Mindful Creative Podcast - Introduction Episode.

What's The Mindful Creative all about? In this introductory episode, I share what prompted me to start this podcast and what Emotional Health for Creative Wealth actually means.

Welcome my fellow creatives, I’m Rachel Korinek, a self-taught food photographer and you’re host of the Mindful Creative Podcast.

The Mindful Creative was founded on the belief that looking after our emotional health and mindset brings us a wealth of creativity and joy in our creative pursuits.

We all know that to pursue creative quests, we need to learn aspects of photography, or design, acting, singing and even writing, and we also know that we need to learn the tricks of the trade in business and marketing to gain exposure to our work. BUT what we aren’t told (and what no one talks about) is that we too need to learn and practice emotional wellbeing.


This podcast is about Emotional Health for Creative Wealth.

My goal throughout this podcast is to bring to light the experiences and mental challenges we all face as creatives (and humans, let’s get real), and the strategies and experiences that can assist us in moving through common negative thought patterns. Together we’ll tap into the raw beauty of authenticity and vulnerability, relish in knowing we are all human and our emotions don’t set us apart - they bring us together.

Throughout the episodes, you’ll get to sit down with me and creatives from all over this amazingly creative world, as we chat about the experiences we’ve faced and how we grabbed them by the balls and took charge of our mindset to chase after our dreams.

I owe a lot of my journey to reading self development books, affirmations, mantras and quotes. So each episode will tap into the power of wise noteworthy quotes and good reads so that if you really connect with the clear takeaway of each episode you can pursue a clearer, healthier mind.

This podcast isn’t and will never be judgmental, nor will I or the creatives who join me pretend to be experts on emotional health. We’ll simply share from a place of love in the hopes of touching someone in our community who needs it. Because, we’re all in this together!

My guests and I could chat for hours. We get lost in conversation, and often do once the episode stops rolling. BUT The goal of this podcast is to provide you with a clear value bomb, that take away that can shift your mindset. Each podcast will be intentional and around the 30 min mark.


So what made me start this podcast?


After my first couple of years of learning photography, the pressures of creating a full time freelance business, being a new wife, moving cities, losing family members and hustling my butt off for the least amount of money I’ve ever made - I burnt out. My physical and emotional health plummeted. Soon followed my creativity, zest and passion for photography. My fall back was seeking out western and alternative medicine to get my health back on track. But what about my creativity? There’s no doctor for that? I was left in the dark as what to do. My mind was telling me I’d lost it, and that I’d hit a ceiling and wasn't going to get better anyway.

It wasn’t until I worked hard on my thought patterns and mindset, that I started to be able to create again. To achieve creative wealth, as defined by me, not society.

I’d love to see in our community that working on our emotional health is an equal slice of the pie just as creating and business are. It’s talked about, it’s respected and even praised.

If you’re a creative (and your human don’t forget) then this podcast is for you, and if it’s touched you in anyway, please subscribe, rate and review. If you know someone who could benefit from the topics we chat about, please flick the episode their way. Together you and I can reach one creative at a time and this this community even greater.

I look forward to sitting down with you each episode and strengthening our emotional and creative health.