Rachel Korinek Food Photographer Vancouver

Photo by Matt Korinek

I’m Rachel, an Aussie food photographer living in Vancouver, Canada. I love capturing visual stories and adore bright, clean and uplifting imagery that emphasises the beauty of real food.

When I take photographs, I focus on the honest details and intricacies that connects us emotionally to food.

I like to try on different styles when I shoot food. But I am always drawn to how I craft highlights and shadows.

Currently I’m obsessing over Whiskey Sour Photography.

When I was in my early 20’s, I travelled the world solo for 18 months. I met my husband in Glacier National Park during that time and 12 months later, he introduced me to the second love of my life - photography.

On my travel list is Yosemite and Japan. I’ve most recently visited Italy. See my Italian colour story.

If I was an emoji, I'd definitely be the fist bump.

Clients include:

Bride Magazine | Nikon | Huffington Post | West Elm | Clean Eating | SisterMag | Woolworths | Aldi and more.