Single Image Critique

Food Photography Image Critique.jpg
Food Photography Image Critique.jpg

Single Image Critique


Receive your very own personalised video critiquing one of your images.

I’ll pinpoint exactly what you need to do, highlight your areas of growth and provide actionable advice. In a short video, I will run through with you the aspects of the image that you are nailing and the areas in which you have the most room for improvement including,

  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • Composition + Storytelling
  • Food Styling

The video will be up to 5 mins long and delivered to your inbox via WeTransfer.

When you receive your confirmation email, you'll be given an email in which to send your single image (less than 4MB). Once the image has been received, you'll receive your video within 5 business days.


Price in USD. Additional tax or VAT may apply depending on your country.

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The image will only be used for the video critique and deleted once complete. The image will not be used for anything other then the intended use and the copyright remains with you, (the photographer).