Private Email Coaching

Private Email Food Photography Coaching.jpg
Private Email Food Photography Coaching.jpg

Private Email Coaching


Over email, I'll answer your photography questions to provide you with guidance and resources so you can up-level your food photography.

You get one initial email and one follow up email to get all those burning questions answered about:

  • Lighting, tone + mood
  • Composition, styling + storytelling
  • Business, pricing* + licensing
  • Photography technique

I'll provide detailed answers, further training and resources you may want to consider, as well as tip + tricks.

After our initial email, you'll have the chance to follow up any questions in a follow-up email within 7 days. (Does not include image critique, however, you may link to your portfolio or body of work).

** Email coaching recipients receive a 15% discount on my e-Masterclasses.

*disclaimer. I don't provide personal information or actual figures related to my business.

Price in USD. Additional tax or VAT may apply depending on your country.

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