Art Of Food Stories: Advanced

with Bea Lubas & Rachel Korinek - June 8th & 9th, Netherlands 2019.

tickets will be pre-released on Friday 29th March. Pre-sale list closed.


Price: €799.00. Only 10 places available.
Date: Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June, 2019.
Location: Studio ToutDoux, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Time: 10am - 4pm
Level: Open to all levels. Must shoot manual and be competent with natural light.


2-DAY Food Styling & Photography Workshop

We know that you love what you do! You could spend hours taking pictures of your favourite food, you wouldn’t hesitate to climb on that chair or even a table to take the best shot of your dish.

But you want to take images more intentionally! You're ready to push your creative comfort zone, and learn how to create images that really stand out, catch people’s attention and reflect your own unique food story.

The creative process is more than just taking photos. There is a lot of pre-production that goes into making a great shot. We know, because we are creatives just like you and we’ve faced the same challenges.

Come to our Advanced Food Stories Workshop to understand our full creative process, immerse yourself in how we approach a creative shoot, then implement what you've learned on our second day.

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If you feel like:

  • There's more to discover about the creative process and you understand the value of learning from others to uncover their secret techniques and workflow.

  • You're ready for a more advanced workshop, as you've got the basics well covered.

  • Your photos lack something but you don’t know exactly what you’re missing. We’ll help you uncover what that secret sauce is.

  • You want to learn how to create images that reflect your unique story, we’ll help you craft emotions that will catch your viewer's attention.

  • You're feeling stale, bored or frustrated with your work and want to more techniques to help you find original and creative ways of thinking.

  • You want to take a deeper look at how professionals create images as you know there are techniques you can steal to improve your work.

If this gets you excited, then my lovely creative – this class is for you!

We’ll teach you the essentials of how to create food images more intentionally and help you understand what works in these *damn* delicious images that make you stop scrolling through your Instagram or Pinterest feed and apply these rules to your own work.

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Discover the creative process of two professional food photographers.

Get into our heads as we craft a food story from the very beginning of concept creation to execution. Experience the little tricks and techniques we use to create show-stopping images for our personal collection and clients.
We'll cover:

  • How to find inspiration and build a photo concept.

  • Start to finish creative process.

  • How to pivot and troubleshoot the things that don't work.

  • Understand workflow, gear and composition.

  • How to explore your scene for variety and mood.

  • Ask any question about our creative workflows.


Hands-on creative and photo assignment.

Implement the techniques and workflow from Day 1 to create interest and beauty in your images with more intention. 
We’ll cover:

  • Creative breakdown of our best images.

  • Hands-on shooting sessions with a photo assignment.

  • Guidance and feedback from Bea and Rachel.

  • Troubleshoot your roadblocks with other photographers.

  • How to incorporate our skills while being true to your style.

  • Q+A session.

Bea Lubas Advanced Art of Food Stories.jpg


Price: €799.00. Only 10 places available.
Date: Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th June, 2019.
Location: Studio ToutDoux, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Time: 10am - 4pm
Level: Open to all levels. Must shoot manual and be competent with natural light.


  • Two professional mentors, with years of experience in the industry

  • The creative process from start to finish

  • Workflow and gear selection process

  • Hands-on photo assignment

  • Small intimate class size

  • Lunch and refreshments with passionate creatives, just like you

  • Live Q + A with us

Please note: all travel expenses and accommodation must be arranged and paid for by each ticket holder. Accommodation can be found in Utrecht, or it's a short and accessible 25min train ride from Amsterdam.

Who's this workshop for?

This is an advanced workshop. We’ve tailored this workshop for seasoned photographers who are looking to take their work further.

  • You must be able to shoot manual and be competent with natural light.

  • Those who are looking for creative inspiration and a new perspective on food photography.

  • Want to witness different creative concepting and workflow.

  • Want to learn how to troubleshoot creative blocks and styling to improve an image.

  • Prepared to execute a photo assignment to improve their shooting.

  • Learn from two pros who can create magical images with limited props and good light.

Open to beginner and hobbyist through to semi-pro photographers, who can shoot manual and understand natural light.

What to bring.

Please bring a DSLR camera, lens(es), diffuser/reflector if portable and a tripod (optional). A notepad to take notes, your creativity and a smile!

Refund Policy:

No refunds are available after booking unless someone can be found to fill your space. This event has capped attendance to ensure a small focused group. Be sure to register quickly to secure your spot! The event will proceed only if 8 participants or more are registered. Travel or accommodation is not included. If you intend to travel to this workshop, please wait until the minimum number of enrolments has occurred. In the event the workshop doesn't go ahead, we will contact you to arrange an alternative solution. By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to these terms.

Got questions? Email us!

If you have a question about if this workshop is for you, please don't hesitate to contact either Bea or Rachel. We'd be glad to hear from you.

Rachel | Bea

We can't wait to see you there.

Rachel & Bea xx