EP9: How To Move Forward With A Growth Mindset In a World of Social Comparison with Ellen Jackson

The Mindful Creative | EP9: How To Move Forward With A Growth Mindset In a World of Social Comparison with Ellen Jackson

Ellen Jackson | Potential Psychology
Psychologist, writer, speaker and consultant to organisations Australia-wide. Her passion is helping you to be happier and more effective using the science of human flourishing. Everything she teaches is supported by scientific research so we know it works. I overlay this with a nuanced understanding of us as individuals to help us be the best that you can be. Are you ready to fulfil your potential? 


Welcome to episode NINE of the Mindful Creative: How To Move Forward With A Growth Mindset In a World of Social Comparison with Ellen Jackson.

In this episode, we explore the idea of social comparison and how to have a growth mindset as we chat with psychologist Ellen Jackson. Her passion is to help others to be happier and more effective using the science of human flourishing. If you want to connect with Ellen, You can find her at potential.com.au, on Instagram and Facebook. She also has a number of insightful articles around the web which you can find here.

Read her article: The psychology of Comparison and How to Stop on Pro Blogger that we reference in the episode. 

In episode nine, I’m going to use my own experience here with social comparison to enable Ellen to give us some tips on how to pursue our creative journey with a growth mindset.

Why listen?

Gain some simple techniques you can use to overcome social comparison and harness a growth mindset instead.

To know that social comparison is a normal way to feel and why awareness of this activity is the first step towards moving forward.

Why you need to 'be a racehorse' if you want to win at your own game of growth.


Episode Takeaways

  • Social comparison is an everyday challenge that we all face. It's part of being human and our brains are hardwired for it.
  • We all compare ourselves all the time as we are social animals. We are wired to interact on a regular basis. There are feedback loops of comparing ourselves to others.
  • The key to getting past social comparison as a negative perspective is to recognise this is a normal human response.
  • We need social comparison to identify where do we fit in our world.
  • There are two types of social comparison. Upward comparison and downward comparison.
  • Upwards comparison tends to focus on people we admire or are further along a similar journey to us. This can be a motivating and positive. Looking towards role models. 
  • Self-talk can put us into the negative spin. This can be detrimental. It allows us to be more passive and feel defeated.
  • An innate negativity bias that is wired into us. But this is not practical in social interactions in today's world. There are not as many physical threats today. Yet our mindset remains the same.
  • Being able to recognise the negative bias is the first step to overcoming it. Being aware of the comparisons that I am making is a normal behaviour.
  • Ask yourself, how is this making me feel. What can I do, how can I think differently to switch around and not let it defeat me?
  • This idea of a fixed mindset is contrary to what we are discovering today about the brain. In fact, we can continue to adapt and learn all the way through adult hood.
  • The essence of a growth mindset is that I am not a fixed asset. We are developing and learning every day. It's an ongoing journey of development.
  • A growth mindset is a journey, not a destination.
  • When we move into a downward social comparison mindset, it tends to be when we have visual reminders of negative self-talk.
  • In order to change, awareness is the first port of call.
  • Asking yourself, is this helpful? Making a conscious point to ask yourself, then to consciously do something different and ACT.
  • Be a racehorse. Don't focus on what other people are doing. Focus on what you are doing. Say 'I have my blinkers on'. I have to get from here to my goals. I am heading my way, not looking at what others are doing.
  • Aim for personal bests. Don't look to people who are further along the path than us are doing and compare your journey to theirs.
  • Create a timeline. Chart where you are at and what your achievements are. You can see visually what you have achieved.


Tell me!

Do you feel like you have an upward or downward social comparison mind? Do you feel like you can be a racehorse on the pursuit to a growth Leave me a comment below and let me know what your biggest takeaway was in this episode?


Episode Resources

Quote: It is only a thought and a thought can be changed ~ Louise Hay

Resource: Create a visual timeline of your achievements in the last 12 months.


The Mindful Creative | EP9: How To Move Forward With A Growth Mindset In a World of Social Comparison with Ellen Jackson


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