Episode 5 - Overcoming Self Criticism. Seeing Ourselves With Eyes of Love.

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In this episode, I'm talking with Michelle Swan - Gold Coast Portrait Photographer about overcoming self-criticism to allow us to see our lives and creativity with eyes of love, rather than judgement. Michelle talks about how an affirmation she's said throughout her life has now become her creative business name and message.

Welcome my fellow creative to episode FIVE of The Mindful Creative: Overcoming Self-Criticism. Seeing Ourselves With Eyes of Love.

Joining me in this episode portrait photographer Michelle Swan, who is passionate about helping women realise their beauty and view themselves from a loving perspective.

To overcome this ‘self-critical’ tendency, Michelle came up with an affirmation years ago: “I view myself with the eyes of love” and this became her mission in her business. Choosing the name ‘Eyes of Love Photography’ allowed her to extend love, support and kindness to those she cares about. While our stories are all unique, if you’re anything like Michelle I am sure there have been times when you’ve been your harshest critic, thinking and saying things to yourself you’d never dare say to another.

This episode came about when I was reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s book – The Universe Has Your Back. I’d met Michelle when she attended one of my in person workshops and we connected over brunch when she came to Melbourne for work. Her business is called Eyes of Love photography and like most names sometimes you just see them an Instagram handle, or something that you can identify a brand with.

I hadn’t given Michelle’s business name too much thought, but it wasn’t until I was reading The Universe Has Your Back that the power of it jumped out from the page and smacked in the face.

I was reading about the concept that ‘how you feel either attracts love or blocks love into your life’ So love accepts, judgement blocks. So when we live our lives from a place of love our world is open to us. We are open to receiving all kinds of positivity, opportunities. But when our perspective, our mind, our perception of ourselves comes from a place of judgement we block love, and the things we want for our life.

So as I am reading this Gabby asked ‘do you look through the eyes of love or the eyes of judgement’. And I immediately thought of Michelle and what she is trying to create in her business.


QUOTE: Every expert was once an amateur ~Robin Sharma


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