Episode 3 - Anxiety in Creativity. Dark Shadows to Guiding Lights.

The Mindful Creative: Episode 3 - Anxiety in Creativity. From Dark Shadows to Guilding LIghts.

In this episode, Marisa and I connect through our mutual journey with anxiety and how managing your anxiety can shift those dark shadows to be lead of the bright lights of creativity. Marisa shares some of her experiences with anxiety and how this shows up in her business of art direction and styling. We chat about fear of success, fear of failure, perfectionism and over delivering.

Hello and welcome to episode 3 of The Mindful Creative: Anxiety in Creativity - Dark Shadows to Guiding Lights.

Joining me In this episode is Marisa from Miss Marzipan, professional art director, recipe creator and stylist.

You can find Marisa’s creative delights at missmarzipan.com on Instagram at missmarzipancom.

I met Marisa who was a fellow speaker at the first Food Photography Summit hosted by Beyond The Eats.

Marisa is an explorer who seeks the creative satisfaction in ‘doing it herself’. She truly believes that every aspect of everyday life can be beautiful, whether we make it so with a sprinkle of homemade magic, or through simply shifting our perception to see the extraordinary beauty in ordinary things.

Now Marisa, it was the law of attraction that brought us together right? We first met through the Food Photography Summit and were both in a space where we wanted to share our battles with creativity and mindset if you will!

Diving a little deeper, we connected on common ground that we’ve both had to manage anxiety in our lives.


QUOTE: 'I'm not seeing things the way they are, I am seeing things the way I am'

BOOK: The Road Less Travelled ~ M. Scott Peck.