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with Sophie Bourdon + Rachel Korinek

Imagine if...

The next time you picked up the camera your style just flowed and you shot the best image of your life (thus far)!

Well, my friend, this could be your reality.
Learn how to drastically improve your food photography with your new



Did you know....

that one out of every two photographers looking to improve believe that a strong grasp of COMPOSITIONAL concepts are what's MISSING from their photography?

GET AHEAD of the competition and make your work stand out with our intimate masterclasses that can exponentially improve your styling and composition.



Course Content

Join us for this 2-day Masterclass where we’ll share our composition and styling SECRETS.


In this Masterclass we’ll dive deep into powerful composition theory can be so you can add it to your skill set.

Join us!

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2-Day Workshop


DATE:  26th-27th August, 2017
LOCATION: Geary House Studio, Toronto ON
TIME: 10am - 5pm
COST: $849CAD (PRESALE ACCESS $797CAD) plus tax
WHO: Open to all levels. Beginner + Intermediate focused.

In this 2-day workshop, we'll teach you the secrets of composition and styling, so you can incorporate your compositional techniques into your work.


➕ Tailored mentoring by two professionals.
➕ Learn in a professional studio.
➕ Work with an entire professional prop collection.
➕ Style chef prepared meals. 
➕ Create your own scene to style and shoot.
➕ Loads of hands on styling, assistance + support.
➕ Feast on lunch and get to know your fellow creatives.



▪️ Killer placement for telling stories.
▪️ How to leverage layers for power and interest.
▪️ Learn about beauty of different lenses.
▪️ Discover the different 'hero angles' of food.
▪️ Uncover Rachel's flare for minimalist styling.
▪️ How to shape shadows as part of composition.
▪️ Learn Sophie's flare for adding that human element.
▪️ Focus on the intricate details in food styling.
▪️ How to choose luxurious + cohesive props.
▪️ Compositional techniques + aspect ratios.


Want to learn how to shoot on manual or help with settings? We've got you covered including:

➕ How to manipulate natural light.
➕ Assistance with shooting manual mode.


Places are limited. Questions? Email hello@twolovesstudio.com

Accomodation not included.

Please check the Refund and Terms Policy prior to purchasing.